Machala Ecuador, Juan Montalvo Central Park

Juan Montalvo Central Park is located in the city of Machala. It offers visitors a beautiful view adorned with three pools, framed by an elegant church surrounded by impressive buildings, including City Hall. The park is becoming a place of recreation for children, youth and adults seeking relaxation and a moment to admire the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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  • City:Machala
  • Sector:Central
  • Address:9 de Octubre and Rocafuerte
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Juan Montalvo Central Park

Juan Montalvo Central Park was built in 1824 by Rafael González Rubio. When would be opened, the city of Machala decided to put his name, but he refused, claiming that he was only serving the city that welcomed him.

Finally, on September 15, 1929, approved the opening with the name of Juan Montalvo, taking into account that this illustrious personage, the late nineteenth century, became an advocate for the rights of machaleño sending a letter to Garcia Moreno , claiming the chaotic state through the city to meet water shortages.

The mayor and the Cantonal Council redesigned green spaces Parque Juan Montalvo. Also the pool was restored, it implemented a smart lighting system, with cast iron posts, music, waterfall, stream underground transparent cover, porcelain floor.

In addition we made a restoration to the "zero point" which establishes the center of the city, annexed to the park is built the Paseo "Our Lady of Mercy" in front of the Cathedral, space that today is for the presentation of dance groups and national and international artistic bands that please the audience machaleño.

Juan Montalvo Central Park became one of the most beautiful areas of the city, attended at all times by machaleño and tourists who are impressed by the majesty of the place.

Machala Ecuador, Juan Montalvo Central Park


Map Juan Montalvo Central Park, Machala Ecuador

Mapa of Juan Montalvo Central Park, Machala Ecuador



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