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The church of Santo Domingo since its inception in 1557, is the regency of the religious community founded by Santo Domingo de Guzman. Its construction was delayed 43 years, thanks to handouts, expenses and censuses, by Juan de Anderete. The style is eclectic historicism in Romanesque and Gothic towers auctions. Inside, they venerate the image of the Virgen del Rosario, who was brought from Seville in 1550, is also the image of Christ Crucified, presumably is a work of indigenous Quito "Caspicara."

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  • City: Loja
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Simon Bolivar and Vicente Rocafuerte
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Santo Domingo Church

The Church of Santo Domingo is a real gem of the city of Loja, not only for its architectural features stroke and Romans, if not also consists of a rich plastic decoration with large paintings that way cool Baroque style with a unique deal with all-musica.phps espaciomuseo.

The main tables are 18 large 5x3 feet, 36-foot oval medallions, 16 of the 15 mysteries of the rosary and ornaments, are due exclusively to the brush of Brother Henry Mideros.

Inside you can find the sculpture of the Virgen del Rosario Baroque style, which was brought from Seville in 1550 and nearly 50 sculptures of unknown authorship. The painting and decoration of the church were made in 1928 by Fray Enrique Mideros, this friar also painted churches in Ibarra, Latacunga and Bathrooms.

It is noteworthy that the convent of Loja was the second he had the Order of Preachers in the Diocese of Quito. Faced with the threat of ruins of the church by moisture, the gap produced and the poor construction material, forced its demolition, which lasted until 1850 and on October 13 began construction of new towers.

In the Church of Santo Domingo there is a small crypt at the foot of the Image of Rosario where the remains of the Founders and Eminent Men of the city of Loja, Juan de Salinas Loyola.

Next to the church of Santo Domingo is the square and the monument to Manuel Carrión Pinzano, also known as the Federation. Named in honor of the delivery of Loja Province and the September 18, 1859, declaring their independence in the exercise of the Federal Government system.

Loja, Iglesia Santo Domingo


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