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San Sebastian Square or of the Independence, is considered one of the main attractions of Loja. It is the Square hosted the moments of greatest glory for the city, here was proclaimed the independence of the Spanish Crown, on November 18, 1820. It is a place to explore the history of the city in each of their spaces. San Sebastian was also part of the religious Loja with its colonial church court, which has given him a traditional air very popular and mystic.

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  • City: Loja
  • Sector:South
  • Address:Bolivar and Mercadillo
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of San Sebastian Square

San Sebastian Square is located south of the city of Loja, surrounded by old style buildings, with wide porches, carved wooden balconies and eaves low operating in the same shops, restaurants, offices providing services to citizens.

San Sebastian was originally the place of trade, because here were made the most important fairs of Loja. As the fair trade status by December 8th anniversary of the founding of the city.

In the Plaza meetings were held Loja patriots who sought always the progress of the city.  

In the center of the square stands a tower of 32 meters in height, whose summit is a clock of four areas and its base is four reliefs that show the most outstanding events in the history of Loja: from avocado and Bracamoros, governorate and Yaguarzongo Mainas, the Independence of Loja on November 18, 1820 and finally the Federal Government of Loja. The tower is an architectural landmark that is very representative of Loja.

In the San Sebastian Square made the most important celebrations of the city. Each year, Loja organize various art forms that are complemented by the lights and fireworks to create a festive and cultural, to begin the celebration of Independence (November 18).

Without doubt one of the most outstanding places in the plaza is the San Sebastian Church, which was built in 1650, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Immaculate of Lourdes.

This temple is one of the largest in the Diocese, has three naves, an altarpiece in each of them. Among the most representative of the church is the image of San Sebastian and the altarpiece containing Gothic, pinnacles and arches in the vaults.

Loja, Plaza San Sebastián


Mapa de la Plaza San Sebastián en Loja, Ecuador

Loja, Mapa de la Plaza San Sebastián



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