Loja Ecuador, Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden

Considered a natural laboratory, located just 5 km from the city of Loja on the road to Vilcabamba. Founded in 1949 by the distinguished Botanical Reinaldo Espinosa, has an approximate area of seven hectares. Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden is the oldest of Ecuador and the only one located at the node of convergence of warm humid bioclimatic flows of the Amazon dry and warm on the Pacific side, a situation that gives rise to a unique floral diversity of the basin and province of Loja.

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  • City:Loja
  • Sector:South
  • Address:5 km from the city of Loja
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD



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Information of Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden

Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden was created to promote research and conservation.

Inside the botanical garden is composed of silver brought from the provinces of Loja, Zamora Chinchipe, gold and other latitudes. Most trees are more than 40 years of age, the main sections are: Arupo, wadding, Faiques, cannelloni, Walnut, Myrtle, Cedar, and Romerillo arabiscos.

In the Botanical Garden Reinaldo Espinosa, one can observe a diversity of landscape in its various sections. Furthermore, I find a great variety of Andean plants that come from the Inca as oca, melloco, quinoa, jicama, cannas, attacked, lupine, white carrot, babaco, yams, uvillas, tree tomato and potato.

It also has an orchid garden where I could see a reproduction of valuable species of orchids such as Oncidium, Epidendrum, stanophea, Stelis, Masdevallia, nanodes and bromeliads. In most of available natural orchid greenhouses and ornamental ponds where cultivated shade plants such as begonias, gloxinias, ferns, anthuriums and orchids.

Among the trees in the Botanical Garden there are some trails that provide opportunities for recreation and environmental education for citizenship Loja. Among the main attractions of the Botanic Garden are: the square of the obelisk that frames the compass, the gazebo that graces the southern entrance to the garden, ornamental bridges step decoration of the irrigation canal with Chavela, cartridges, huicundos, waterfalls pencos , etc.

Besides the trees are beautiful thatched huts, where you can spend pleasant moments with family or friends.

In the Garden's green spaces you can see a mixture of species of birds native to the valleys, with montane forest birds and several endemic dry forest.

Loja, Jardin Botanico Reinaldo Espinosa


Map Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden, Loja Ecuador

Map of Reinaldo Espinosa Botanical Garden, Loja Ecuador



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