Loja Ecuador, Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad

The Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad is located on the premises of the Technical University of Loja, created to rescue and promote culture and Ecuador Loja. On November 9, 2004 opened its doors to the public, its rooms can view a collection of tools and utensils of 1600 original pieces of Ecuadorian archeology in correlation with the element of "Loja" very typical of the city and province of Loja.

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  • City: Loja
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:San Cayetano Alto
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD



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Information of Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad

The Museum of Archaeology and Lojana shows the traditional development process, archaeological, social, economic, political and everything that can be reflected in a collection of tools and utensils of 17 Ecuadorian cultures.

The museum preserves the essence of the educational work in the sense of sending a message through a cultural and historical context of the pieces.

The museum is divided into three silvers, where we can find different parts of the Paleoindian cultures, Valdivia, La Tolita and Puruhá.

Archaeology in the living animal sculpture predominates recorded, ie, made after cooking. You can observe animal figures modeled by hand and painted or designed with incisions. Animals respond to their fauna and their magical thinking

In the hall of Loja, is focused on a global five-axis, which as a roaming and periodically given to know each of its elements: History: history, facts, figures. Language and cultural anthropology: tribes, handicrafts, architecture and urbanism, customs, holidays, religion, gastronomy, among other things. Artistic Expressions: Music, Lyrics, painting, sculpture, theater and dance. Nature: natural richness of the South, diversity of flora and fauna of the cities and province of Loja.

At the Museum of Archaeology and Lojana can discover little-known virtues of the wonderful archeology is little known inside and outside of Ecuador. Adopting the format of permanent and temporary exhibitions, with his aim of achieving the necessary dynamism and renewal, integrating human knowledge with the technique in a playful approach to facilitate the visualization of the educational process raised.

Loja, Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad


Map Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad, Loja Ecuador

Map Museum of Archaeology and Lojanidad, Loja Ecuador



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