Loja Ecuador, Jipiro Recreational Park

Located north of Loja, Jipiro Recreational Park constitutes one of the main attractions of the city. It has more than 10 hectares, also known as Park Cultural Universality, here are architectural replicas representing facets ethno - cultural humanity, for what is identified as a small place where cultural diversity mixes with the region's biodiversity.

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  • City: Loja
  • Sector:South
  • Address:Ave. Salvador Bustamante Celi
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Jipiro Recreational Park

Jipiro Recreational Park in the old part of the wife of Daniel Alvarez Burneo lojano philanthropist, who donated all his wealth to the inhabitants of the city of Loja. When these lands belong to the municipality begins the work of the park with the aim of Loja that have an accessible place to share with family.

In Jipiro Park can be seen as exploiting human creativity flora, fauna and architecture of several civilizations, to provide a welcoming park with boating lake, swans, ducks, stage events, boats, bars, restaurants, tennis and spaces for camping.

One of the main attractions Jipiro Recreational Park are the nine ethno-cultural trunks represented by replicas of the most important facets of architectural expressions and ethno - cultural humanity.

It also has Arab Mosque that houses the Planetarium, it also features a replica of St. Basil's Cathedral, which has slides down from the towers and domes, designed to entertain park visitors.

The park also can find a steam locomotive, where you can have access the Internet.

Another attraction of the park is the track bikes, ideal for sports lovers risk. Each year at the site is made variety of skills that attract contestants from different cities. It is the ideal place to watch for children and young scholars doing somersaults in the air with either bike, skates or skateboards.

The most visited places in the park are Jipiro The Chinese Pagoda is a replica of a Buddhist temple in octagonal shape. Eurolatino Castle is a sample architecture of the peoples of Europe, equipped with a library, library Computec, which serves as a learning tool for educational institutions in the city of Loja.

Loja, Parque Recreacional Jipiro


Map Jipiro Recreational Park, Loja Ecuador

Map of Jipiro Recreational Park, Loja Ecuador



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