Latacunga Ecuador, Vicente Leon Park

The Vicente Leon Park is located in the heart of the city of Latacunga. Campaigns were developed here liberators. In 1925 he placed a monument to Vicente León, a philanthropist in the city, which was conducted in Italy. In addition to the side of the park is the Mother Church, which is a symbol for latacungueños it represents the faith of a people with history and tradition.

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  • City: Latacunga
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Sanchez de Orellana anf P. Salcedo
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday 08:00 to 20:00
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Information of Vicente Leon Park

Vicente Leon Park is named after the illustrious benefactor latacungueños man of extraordinary patriotism, octagonal which initially should have been the central plaza of urban design, site developed religious military activities and policies of the City Latacunga.

In 1900 he drew up walkways and gardens. In 1925 he placed an elegant monument carved in Italy, in honor of philanthropist latacungueños Dr. Vicente Leon.

It is now a renovated park in its original design it consists of different jobs where we can see that the base is white andesite stone quarry, which gives an understated elegance, along the wrought iron fence surrounding the park.

Undoubtedly Vicente Leon Park represents the highest-ranking urban space in Latacunga, the central square of the city. There are concentrated most significant buildings like the Cathedral, the Municipal Palace, the Governor and old houses. You can also see several royal palm trees that give an elegant touch.

Latacunga, Parque Vicente León


Map Vicente Leon Park, Latacunga Ecuador

Map of Vicente Leon Park, Latacunga Ecuador



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