Latacunga Ecuador, Pucara El Salitre

Pucara El Salitre is located southeast of the Cotopaxi National Park on the way to the Pita River. It is an old military strategic strength of the old Inca Empire. At its goal was to control the passage of armies and ancient migrations into the conquered territories. Built on top of a hill, is of Inca origin mostly by what is believed to be built during the expansion of the late Tahuantinsuyo XV.

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  • City: Latacunga
  • Sector:Southeast
  • Address:66 km. the city of Latacunga
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue: 5 USD



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Information of Pucara El Salitre

In the Andean region of Ecuador, the Quichua term pucara had for the Incas meaning "strength" or "castle", referring to buildings and buildings associated with pyramidal hillocks. This term has traditionally applied to ruins of ancient buildings, which take the form of concentric circles of walls and moats.

Pucara el Salitre was built with the purpose of providing monitoring observatories and military posts, are part of a group of buildings of character, defensive, constructed in the context of the invasion of the Inca and the domination of local ethnic groups.

The interior consists of a mound of earth covered by the outside, next to him is a moat cut in two points that lead to doors. In the interior of this terrace identified 15 residential structures, most circular. The second terrace, which corresponds to the upper central space, surrounded by a stone wall ellipsoidal shape with a door to the north and south, here are four residential structures.

The front of the terraces has a facing or defensive wall (or tumaypirka muyuypirka), usually rough stone, d 3 or 4 meters high, rising above, edge of the terrace to form a ledge for protection of defenders.

The 70% of recovered archaeological material has an Inca descent, the remaining 30% come from mainly local Panzaleo. In the construction technique was used with drywall walls of two rows of stone blocks were used and conglomerates andesite lava, circular structures were made with walls of packed earth.

Latacunga, Pucara El Salitre




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