Cathedral of Latacunga

The Cathedral of Latacunga, is undoubtedly the most representative monument of Latacunga, located in the center of the city. It was built during the colonial period, half of the seventeenth century and destroyed by the earthquake of 1768. Roman style and has a wide nave with a transept and an octagonal cupola. In late nineteenth century added a tower with Romanesque arches and Islamic finish it very original.

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  • City: Latacunga
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:General Maldonado and Quito
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 20:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Cathedral of Latacunga

In 1975 he was tapped to perform restoration work and ornamentation. The Cathedral is a symbol for latacungueños it represents the faith of a people with history and tradition.

The initial construction of the Cathedral of Latacunga had a large cruise ship and an octagonal cupola. In the last quarter of the nineteenth century built a tower that has Romanesque arches and Islamic finish that gives the uniqueness.

The main altar is carved of pumice, which can be seen parts of colonial imagery. The lining of the tiles and the morisquería are elements of the geographic area that fully correspond to the original idea. You can also see the restoration of the former side entrance door, half-covered by the presence of an annex building in the field, has opened a new door on the south side of the crossing to the west.

The facade facing the street Quito and the tower are free of decorative elements. Gates was observed invested 220 per 100 cm. the team tied for the top two brackets that run along the main aisle to counter the thrusts of the vault in the southwest side has built a temple for resting the remains of those who have distinguished themselves in their service to Cotopaxi, an iron gate copy of which already exists in the Blessed Sacrament chapel leads to the temple.

In the lateral altarpieces can see images of the Blessed Virgin Mary under the name of Carmen with Child in the arms and the image of St. Joseph, patron of the church.

The current architectural ensemble has performed a magnificent job of restoration, appropriate having preserved the landscape and the majestic cathedral precinct.

Cathedral of Latacunga


Map Cathedral of Latacunga, Ecuador

Guaranda, Cathedral of Latacunga



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