Latacunga Ecuador

Latacunga is the capital of the province of Cotopaxi, located an hour and a half from the city of Quito. It is a welcoming city, with its cathedral and the Church of San Francisco showcases the beauty of religious art which are decorated with narrow cobbled streets, highlighted by the bright colors typical of the facades of their homes and the dusty landscape. Latacunga comes from two Quechua voices llacata kunka which means God of the Gaps. When November arrives its cobbled streets are filled with joy at the celebration of the feast in honor of the Virgen de las Mercedes, this is the ceremony of the "Mama Negra", which symbolizes fertility and land productivity.

Data of interest

  • Region: Sierra
  • Province:Cotopaxi
  • Latitude:1° 1' 20" S
  • Length:78° 37'5" W
  • Climate:12º C a 20º C
  • Population:20.000 (estimate 2008)
  • Foundation:April 23, 1571
  • Mayor:Rafael Maya
  • Zip code:EC020150
  • Area code:593 3
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Guayaquil:335 km. aprox.
  • Distance from Quito:89 km. aprox.



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Information of Latacunga city

Latacunga is located in the center of Ecuador and in the valley of the Patate, in the groove interandino, and southwest of the volcano that gives its name to the province, providing a liaison point between the coast, the Andes and the Amazon. It has a temperate climate, sometimes windy and cold. From there you can reach across the province to offer its visitors the beauty of its lakes, fresh air and beautiful vegetation.

The city of Latacunga was founded in 1534 and destroyed three times in the past by the Cotopaxi volcano in 1742, 1768 and 1877. The city was rebuilt by its inhabitants effort to make it what it is today, an attractive, friendly.

The presence of volcanic activity in the area has led to the accumulation of pumice deposits currently being mined, and the presence of water with gas, which is bottled under the name San Felipe. It is said that the neighboring ruins of an ancient native village dating from the time of the Incas.

The capital of the province of Cotopaxi is an important commercial and tourist center of north-central region of the country. The urban landscape of the city captivates with its narrow streets, low houses, many with courtyards that give a flavor that marries the Spanish with the aboriginal, ancient and modern. Latacunga retains a central neighborhood where you can see Spanish colonial architecture. Its inhabitants retain many customs, during the feast of "Corpus Christi" and the celebration of the feast of the "Mama Negra", which shows visitors his friendship and tradition.

Feast of the Mama Negra

It is the most recognized holiday throughout Ecuador. Black Mama is known as Blessed Tragedy is a very traditional festival of the city of Latacunga, is a symbiosis of indigenous cultures, Spanish and African. Held by the date of the celebrations of independence and religious syncretism that has colorful, fun and public disorder, as thousands of tourists in the country who come to this great celebration, not only delight your senses with music, costumes and dance of the groups that make up the black breast, but the liquor is delivered to all who ask, despite this detail, the festival is celebrated as the representative of pure folklore.

Latacunga Ecuador


Map Latacunga Ecuador

Map of Latacunga Ecuador



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