Ibarra Ecuador, Yahuarcocha Lagoon

It is one of the main tourist attractions in Ecuador, located 3 km from the city of Ibarra, at a height of 2190 meters over sea level. Yahuarcocha is historically important because studies by some researchers, who claim that there is a vast and still unexplored archaeological evidence, so the National Institute of Cultural Heritage declared as the third Yahuarcocha sacred lake in the country.

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  • City:Ibarra
  • Sector:North
  • Address:3 Kms from the city of Ibarra
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 7:00 to 21:00
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Information of Yahuarcocha Lagoon

Yahuarcocha means "Lake of Blood", which is derived from Quechua roots Yaguar = blood = Cocha lake. Legend has it that a bloody battle took place in their native shores and the lake was dyed with blood, hence its name.

Yahuarcocha Lagoon was the scene of a confrontation between Caranquis and Incas.

In 1487 began Caranquis terrible and bloody battle that ended with the triumph of Inca Huayna Capac. Once declared victory in its favor ordered to kill all men capable of taking up arms, killing more than 30,000 men and their bodies thrown into the lake, turning its waters red.

The lagoon then appeared in sight of the Indians as a sea of blood, terrified she surnamed Yaguar-Cocha, the name which is known so far.

Yahuarcocha vivo is a vestige of post-glacial times, with a minimum of 12,000 years.

Yahuarcocha has a water surface of 257 hectares with a perimeter of 7970 m. waterway, a depth of 8 m is considered eutrophic lake.

Today the lake has become a major tourist centers in the province of Imbabura, surrounded by natural viewpoints and an environment of indigenous crops and land.

It also includes the International Speedway José Tobar, which is the scene of international motorsport competitions, such as Marlboro 12 hours, running children, and permanent training of pilots and abroad.

Ibarra, Laguna de Yahuarcocha


Map Yahuarcocha Lagoon, Ibarra Ecuador

Yahuarcocha Lagoon, Ibarra Ecuador



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