Ibarra Ecuador

Ibarra is the capital of the province of Imbabura. Located in the Andean region, 120 km north of Quito. Surrounded by natural jewels Yahuarcocha Lagoon which also has one of the top 10 racetracks in the world, a top quality hotel infrastructure which has been admired for her national and foreign tourists who visit it. Ibarra is the city where the tourist finds beauty in the landscape and nature around him. The city has an altitude of 2225 meters above sea level and is known as the White City. Ibarra still retains the flavor of yesteryear, each corner keeps memories of the past to the present and projected where it harmoniously combines colonial and modern.

Data of interest

  • Region: Sierra
  • Province:Imbabura
  • Latitude:00°21'30" N
  • Length:078° 07'11" O
  • Climate:8º C a 24º C
  • Population:157.000 estimate 2008)
  • Foundation:September 28, 1606
  • Mayor:Lcdo. Pablo Jurado Moreno
  • Zip code:EC180150
  • Area code:593 3
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:Mariscal Lamar
  • Distance from Guayaquil:535 km. aprox.
  • Distance from Quito:120 km. aprox.



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Information of Ibarra City

Ibarra is the birthplace of several men who forged the history of Ecuadorian nationality and which has developed important facts as the story picks up in letters of gold.

In the urban area of the city there are places, churches, monuments of unique feature as the main city park named after the illustrious ibarreño Don Pedro Moncayo and Esparza, writer, politician, historian and journalist. Adjacent to the park is located the Cathedral whose construction began in 1872.

Ibarra is characterized not only by its urban center rich in colonial architecture, but also for the five parishes that make up a county in which they can perform various activities: San Francisco, El Sagrario, Alpachaca, Caranqui and Priory, whose territory only 4168.14 hectares belong to the actual urban area, the rest is rural.

Ibarra in 1606 was founded by Captain Christopher Troy and Pinque and November 2, 1829 was recognized by the Liberator Simón Bolívar as the capital of the province of Imbabura.

Ibarra has a past full of rich history and aspects of a city develops, grows and makes it ideal for learning from past experiences.

Gastronomy is another of the aspects that characterize Ibarra, there are countless places where locals and foreigners can taste the tastiest dishes like morocho pies, fries, tortillas and chorizo among others and for dessert are the delicious ice cream saucepan, the blackberry syrup, the nogadas taste that is impossible to stop eating.

Visitors can reach Ibarra sure to find a hospitable city. In the Valle de Ibarra appears to have perpetuated the spring, summer climate, its green and open fields make it a natural oasis.

Ibarra Ecuador


Map Ibarra Ecuador

Ibarra Ecuador



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