Guayaquil Ecuador, Metropolitan Cathedral

In the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guayaquil can see beautiful towers built in semi-Gothic style are the main feature and is considered one of the most important religious symbols of the city.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:Center
  • Address: 10 de Agosto and Clemente Ballén
  • Schedule of attention:Daily from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral was formed as the second temple and the first parish church of Guayaquil, also called the Mother Church, there was a long way behind a small Ramadita managed by the priests of Santo Domingo were the first to settle in these parts, including the years 1541 and 1542, time in consolidating the foundation of the town.

As Mother Church, was entitled to the Pure and Immaculate Conception of Mary, seat of the Vicar important of Guayaquil in 1570. Where venerate the Apostle Santiago, Patron of Guayaquil.

In 1962 the church was destroyed due to fires in the city and the many invasions of pirates, why there is no file of the old parish church.

By the year 1695, it moved to new town, and changes its category to the Cathedral, in this location has remained for nearly 300 years, only with variations in the architecture, mainly carried out by successive renovations in the late nineteenth century .

In 1948 the church was built with the current style Gothic stained glass and marble altar. Its current structure is far from that was in its infancy.

During his visit to this important Catholic church, you will see three naves whose large and spacious windows the light enters through the windows. The pillars are crossed at the top of the vaults forming warheads. Its structure consists of a nave and transept one side which is located behind the main altar. On the back are two towers completed in needles with a central nave dome where the statue of Christ the King, bless Guayaquil.

Guayaquil Ecuador, Catedral Metropolitana


Map Metropolitan Cathedral, Guayaquil Ecuador

Map of Metropolitan Cathedral, Guayaquil Ecuador



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