Guayaquil Ecuador, Malecon del Salado

The Malecon del Salado with the Malecon 2000 are a great tourist circuit, and thanks to the October 9th Avenue flagship connect forming a corridor that is a real tourist attraction that is visited daily by hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists who come to the city of Guayaquil. The Malecon del Salado comprises 12 hectares, where it develops a commercial resort on the banks of the stretch of sea known as Estero Salado and surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Ave. 9 de Octubre, Estero Salado
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 22:00
  • Weekends 15:00 to 23:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Informrion of Malecon del Salado

The detail that stands out most in the Malecón del Salado is the pedestrian suspension bridge, which has a length of 55 feet, arched and linking the north and south block of the work of two plants, which is the symbol of the new Malecon . This suspension bridge design twist is of Austrian origin.

From this area you can enjoy a spectacular view of Avenue 9 de Octubre, food premises, the Ciutadella Park Railroad Park Guayaquil and the company of the estuary. Being that other family recreation center.

The first section consists of two buildings linked by a pedestrian bridge that crosses the bridge on June 5, the blocks located in a north-south, have a passable cover to appreciate the estuary and related activities taking place in this arm of the sea covers both buildings resemble a large boat with sails that recreate the race sailor from the city. They are local food court and restaurants with a variety of menus, a body of water that borders both blocks, 66 parking spaces and restrooms.

Citadel Park Railway consists of playgrounds, green areas and pedestrian bridges, street furniture and wooden modules concession to fast food outlets. You can walk easily from one place to another by a space next to Bridge June 5.

The Plaza Rodolfo Baquerizo Moreno Guayaquil known as Park has been renovated so that its center is the nucleus for exhibitions, giving you more versatility to the area.

With a parking area up to 150 vehicles and a pedestrian circulation ring allowing a walk around the square. Also in this area has created a collection center where recycled waste generated on site and from which you can appreciate the learning process for schools and colleges who wish to know the recycling.

When you visit the Malecón del Salado, you will also see the monument to Assad Bucaram and the Obelisk now surrounded by a lagoon that will join the existing north block.

The second phase of the linear park recently delivered to the community, which extends from the Paseo de La Fuente to the Catholic university income, has a square with two pergolas, pond, reflecting pool, playground, artificial waterfall, theater outdoors, agora, beach parking, street furniture, pedestrian bridge and wooden structure that binds the previous installment.

In the west there is a section that joins the June 5 bridges and the Velcro on the side of Vicente Rocafuerte school in the Midwest, there are two recreation places: the first known of the writers, which are engraved the names most notable writers of Ecuador, and the second call of Health, which has two lakes connected by a pergola and cobbled roadside. In the center lies a monument to Ismael Pérez Pazmiño and four steps leading down to the estuary Salado. By the side of the street Aguirre Square is located four local seafood and restrooms, parking area and docks.

Guayaquil Ecuador, Malecon del Salado


Map Malecon del Salado, Guayaquil Ecuador

Map of Malecon del Salado, Guayaquil Ecuador,



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