Guayaquil Ecuador, Historical Park

Guayaquil Historical Park is one of the most important city, a haven of life and history. Here you can learn more about the golden age of Ecuador's main port. Situated on the outskirts of the city, away from the bustle and business. Among its facilities is recreated the architecture of the urban life of Guayaquil of the nineteenth and late twentieth century, fused with a beautiful natural park full of varied vegetation of the area. Each of the 8 hectares that make up Historic Park are carefully designed for educational, cultural and environmental, as well as recreation and tourism.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:North
  • Address:Via Guayaquil-Samborondon
  • Schedule of attention:Wednesday to Sunday
  • 09:00 - 16:30
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Information of Historical Park

Guayaquil Historical Park, also known as the Malecon 1900, was created through the initiative of the Central Bank of Ecuador, and is intended to preserve for future generations the best of wildlife, traditions and ancient urban architecture this coastal city.

The Historical Park is divided into three sections:

Wildlife Area

This area of the park aims to recreate the natural habitat of the species are in danger of extinction in the wild.

Approximately four acres host more than 50 species including birds, mammals, fish and other animals that made the woods their natural habitat.

The Ecuadorian coast is a region of great ecological diversity, and mangroves, the dominant plant species, is also appreciated in the park, with its different varieties and the important role of biological cycles within the region.

The wildlife area can be easily traveled through a high path that allows real contact with the ecosystem without the bother or visitors or animals. It offers 23 stops thematic offering views on an individual basis each species.

It also has a viewpoint, which has a height of 11 meters it will give you the opportunity to have a wonderful view of the forest, where you can enjoy the sounds of this paradise of life as the breeze caressing your face.

Architectural Urban Area

Urban Architecture area recreates an era of wealth in the city of Guayaquil, where the export cocoa brought prosperity to the town and surrounding farms. During weekends, you can also see the daily life of Guayaquil, people dressed in French fashion, very popular at the time, and peddlers of sweets and tobacco. It is also recreated the electric train was pulled by mules .

After the great fire of 1896 that almost completely destroyed Guayaquil, the city was rebuilt and modernized with houses that can be seen above, as the home of Colonel Julian, the Land Bank, Casa Lavayen Paredes (La Casa Verde) and Hospice Heart of Jesus, who were rescued as cultural heritage, and today serve the tourists know the city of Guayaquil life of yesteryear.

The Land Bank was built in 1886, has a structure of wood and zinc.

Hospice of the Sacred Heart was built in 1892 for social assistance. This wood and masonry building at the bottom is one that arouses more admiration among visitors for its proportions and beauty.

Built in 1896, "La Casa Verde", was used as a residence, today is intended to serve as local traditional craft workshops and exhibition area with the building's history including its rescue and restoration.

Colonel Julian's house was built in 1899 and 1900, the second floor was used for residential purposes, while the first floor is used for commercial establishments.

Museums, restaurants and cafes, banks, workshops, audio-visual room and exhibition can also be seen.

Traditions Area

The traditional area is where you know the past and observe life in rural areas. In the nineteenth and early twentieth-century Ecuadorian economy had a major revival thanks to the production of cocoa, a species known at that time as "La Pepa de Oro." Visitors are guided through a cocoa plantation producers to see the whole process of chocolate production plants.

Gardens of the main products of the coast, farmhouse, craft center and rural architecture, will include spaces to help you learn and appreciate a lifestyle that has been instrumental in the development of our country.

Guayaquil Ecuador, Historical Park


Map Historical Park, Guayaquil Ecuador

Guayaquil Ecuador, Historical Park



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