Guayaquil Ecuador, General Cemetery

The General Cemetery of the Pacific Pearl is also known as White City. Located at the foot of Cerro del Carmen enclosed by a perimeter which has a trapezoid shape. He was named National Cultural Heritage, by decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture in October 2003. The cemetery was opened on January 1, 1843 and is considered one of the best in Latin America.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:Center
  • Address: Ave. Pedro Mendez Gilbert
  • Schedule of attention:Daily from 09:00 to 18:00
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Information of General Cemetery

The cemetery features do not conform to a period or style: classic and modern elements blend of European artists who arrived in Guayaquil in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In it we find architectural styles such as Greco-Roman, neo classical, baroque, Italian, Spanish, Moorish, Arabic and Jewish.

The cemetery is divided into five sections, (mausoleums, niches or perpetual vaults, niches for rental or vaults, graves on the floor of one corpse and grave), being the most impressive of the tombs, dating from the early the city. There are variety of mausoleums, some in the form of chapels with iron gates.

The central part of the cemetery is the oldest. In it, you can see the most beautiful statues and mausoleums in Italy and France, decorating the graves of men and women outstanding in the last hundred years. For example: Here one can find figures such as José Joaquín de Olmedo, Vicente Rocafuerte, Pedro Carbo, Eloy Alfaro, Dolores Sucre, Victor Emilio Estrada and Julio Jaramillo and most important figures in the history of Ecuador. The beauty and tranquility that the place offers is incomparable.

More than a cultural legacy, the cemetery also has a wealth of statues and reliefs made by skilled local and foreign craftsmen, unfortunately, have not signed, but his work has contributed to the beauty of the cemetery. Taken together, the cemetery is like a city unto itself, with avenues, streets, roads, stairs that communicate among themselves and with large wall facing the city.

In the back is the cemetery for foreigners, which was originally called "Protestant Cemetery," and that Protestants were buried there. It left 200 feet of separation between the other sections of the cemetery so that "souls do not mix."

A few meters behind it is the Jewish cemetery, distinguished by their graves on land and the Star of David on gravestones that are written in Hebrew. There is usually a small rock as an offering placed there by visitors. You'll also find a monument with phrases associated to the Holocaust.

The Civic Council some years ago took the initiative to create a mausoleum in memory of Julio Jaramillo, the singer who was a popular symbol of Guayaquil and the country.

Guayaquil Ecuador, General Cemetery


Map General Cemetery, Guayaquil Ecuador

Map of General Cemetery, Guayaquil Ecuador



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