Guayaquil Ecuador, Crystal Palace

Known as the Southern Market Guayaquil, where for nearly 90 years served for the sale of vegetables, fruits, fish, and other products for domestic consumption. Today, thanks to urban regeneration of the Main Port, suffered a dramatic change that led him to become an architectural jewel, which is named after Crystal Palace. Its superb work is located south of the Malecón 2000, near the Union Club in the field 1A.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:North
  • Address: Malecon and Olmedo
  • Schedule of attention:Free visit
  • Cost of revenue:Depends on event



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Information of Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace was declared Historical Heritage of the City, due to its design dating back to 1907.

The original design of the Old South Guayaquil Market was designed and built by engineers and Carlos Manrique Francisco Van Ischot, direct representatives of Gustave Eiffel who was the builder of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. The parts used for its construction were brought directly from Brussels. It was remodeled twice, so it has managed to remain standing for nearly a century.

The Crystal Palace is fully transparent, has a structure in wrought iron original colonial style on the inside glass walls are installed they do see the building as a huge glass box.

In its outline form reflecting pools where the beautiful structure of a cobbled square on Calle Sargento Vargas.

For its striking architecture is currently used for major cultural exhibitions and important public or private events in the city, is currently considered one of the most emblematic buildings of Guayaquil and one of the main cultural centers of the country.

Guayaquil Ecuador, Crystal Palace


Map Crystal Palace, Guayaquil Ecuador

Guayaquil Ecuador, Barrio Las Peñas, Palacio de Cristal



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