Guayaquil Ecuador, Centenario Park

Centenario Park is one of the largest in the city, covers an area of approximately 20 hectares. Centennial Park is located between the streets of Garaycoa Lorenzo, Velez, Pedro Moncayo and Victor Manuel Rendon, was inaugurated on October 9, 1920 by the Constitutional President of the Republic, Dr. José Luis Tamayo, and completed in 1937.

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  • City: Guayaquil
  • Sector:North
  • Address: 9 de Octubre and Lorenzo Garaycoa
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Centenario Park

In the center stands an imposing monument. Column of the Founding Fathers, who thus pays tribute to the heroes and the emancipation minded local and regional levels. The column is transcribed by the Act of Independence of the city's October 9, 1820.

On each side of the base are statues of Olmedo, Febres Cordero, Villamil and Antepara, men who distinguished themselves in the struggle for the independence of Guayaquil. In each corner of the pedestal are statues representing the history, patriotism, heroism and justice and on top of the column is a statue with outstretched arm holding a torch.

The main gate of the park is located on Avenida 9 de Octubre, while the secondary doors are oriented north-south on March 6th street. On the east side of the park can see two spirited horses and charioteers naked, created by the Catalan sculptor Juan Rovira, framing the front porch facing the street Garaycoa Lorenzo.

About Victor Manuel Rendon Street to the north, stands the statue of a combine, under the form of Artemis or Demeter, collected with a sickle, fruit and agricultural wealth of the land, the figure of Hermes reminds trade and exchange between peoples, as well as the cultivation of fruits intellectuals, represented by the wings on his head, symbolizing the flight of thought through the imagination.

At the entrance located on the street Pedro Moncayo are two sculptures by Giuseppe Benduce, the first is a figure of Poseidon overlooking a snake on his arm bound up, the second a woman, as a symbol of fertility of virgin nature, always with the attributes of a double feed. In the southern part of the street Vélez, are nymphs of The Arts and Crafts.

The lanterns that were brought from Spain, are of wrought iron. On a pedestal of classical design, have two luminaries looking down on its stand surmounted by an eagle with outstretched wings, in an attitude of wanting to start your flight.

The Fountain of the Lions, is located on the corner of Pedro Moncayo and Velez. This font is octagonal and is built of cement, but the center of it, in comes a cross-shaped iron stand decorated with floral motifs, and its northeast axis majestically seated pose two lions, which are what give it its name .

The Cententario park is very busy on weekends for national and international tourists, who also find a variety of shops, pizza parlors, soda fountains, restaurants and several airline offices and travel agencies.

Guayaquil Ecuador, Centenario Park


Map Centenario Park, Guayaquil Ecuador

Map of Centenario ParkGuayaquil Ecuador



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