Guaranda Ecuador, Totoras Cashca Protected Forest

Located in the central highlands of Ecuador, between Bolivar and Chimborazo provinces, near the town of Santiago in the basin of Chimbo, has an area of 6471.96. In the area find some Kichwa indigenous populations and can find a type of vegetation belts almost extinct in Ecuador.

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  • City: Guaranda
  • Sector:Noreste
  • Address:30 km from the city of Guaranda
  • Schedule of attention:De Lunes a Domingo
  • Cost of revenue: 5 USD



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Information of Totoras Cashca Protected Forest

The Totoras Cashca Protected Forest part of the foothills of the Cordillera Occidental. These soils are derived from pyro plastic materials, allophones, sandy loam, high water holding capacity with percentages of organic matter are characterized by deep black soil.

Totoras Cashco area has remnants of Andean forest and paramo on the 2,900 m in altitude, as well as adjacent agricultural lands. The forests are mostly fragmented, but there are continuous patches that reach more than 400 hectares.

In Protected Forest Bolivar State University built a scientific station, with the objective of protecting natural resources and to study forest species, plants, and diversity of amphibians and reptiles.

The most accessible parts of Bosque Protector have been converted into agricultural land, especially potato crops and pasture for livestock.

In the forest area we can find a variety Pumin species, pumamaqui, rosemary, myrtle, laurel, cedar, tree Cashco, matico, Ganal or spoon, some legumes, most of these are medicinal.

You can observe animals like the spectacled bear, marsupial mouse, mouse seed, spiny mice, rats, squirrels, bats, deer, rabbits, hares, ocelot, puma, cat, bird man, wolf, weasel, skunk, agouti, agouti and others. Among the birds you can see the hawk, peregrine falcon, guan, dove, turtle dove, owl, owls, nightjars, hummingbirds, toucan, woodpecker, seed, and Reynita piranga.

It also has a wide variety of butterflies and insects such as insect spine jambato, crystal frog, frog cutin, marsupial frog, lizard, snake silly, among others.

Guaranda, Totoras Cashca Protected Forest


Map Totoras Cashca Protected Forest, Guaranda Ecuador

Guaranda, Totoras Cashca Protected Forest



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