Guaranda Ecuador, San Pedro Cathedral Guaranda

The Cathedral is located in the central square of the city of Guaranda, its facade was built of hewn stone, dominated by two towers. In this neighborhood can be seen a flurry of commercial activity, especially the sale of local products such as sugar cane, rum "Blue Bird", wool, dairy products and textiles.

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  • City: Guaranda
  • Sector:Centro
  • Address:10 de Agosto and Sucre
  • Schedule of attention:Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of the San Pedro Cathedral

The Cathedral of San Pedro De Guaranda, offers visitors a unique beauty, preserved neoclassical detail various trends that range from romantic to the Gothic.

Inside the temple is noted art and religious life that surrounds it. The high rate of conservation of relics and the importance of these causes Guaranda is considered one of the most historically important cities of Ecuador.

Its facade is dominated by two fine towers, Cross dating from the colonial period, plus you can see arches in the aisles and windows, along with the chapels rise buildings, where you can see beautiful paintings and wood carvings.

In the lateral portals remain interesting altarpieces, and the rest of the building abounds delicate work, which manifests itself in the magnificent western facade with an exciting final trial.

The Cathedral of St. Peter is without doubt one of the most remarkable colonial monuments Guaranda, putting his stamp dominant in the skyline. The changes both at home and abroad have substantially changed the original architecture.

Guaranda, Catedral San Pedro de Guaranda


Map San Pedro Cathedral, Guaranda Ecuador

Guaranda, San Pedro Cathedral



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