Isabela Island Galapagos, Urbina Bay

Urbina Bay is located at the foot of volcanoes Alcedo and Darwin, west of Isabela Island. It consists of a survey of the ocean in 1954. Here you can find corals, shells, and many other calcareous organisms exposed above water. This area is also home to large and very colorful Galápagos land iguanas, giant tortoises and the famous population of Alcedo Volcano.

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Information of Urbina Bay

Urbina Bay went through a volcanic uplifting event back in 1954, leaving marine skeletons, which make the course very interesting, especially for understanding island colonization.

During the uprising, were raised reef 6 km from the coast was extended three quarters of a mile out. There is an area where there rhyolite, where no vegetation grows acidity that this type of substrate. This extrusive rock formed when a magma of the same chemical structure as granite, acidic or felsic magma reaches the earth's surface.

As at the end of the trail you can see large heads of white coral and brain which were previously an interesting reef in the waters of the place.

Urbina Bay is a path that starts at the beach where a landing is made wet, the course is approximately 3200m, and substrates through the sand, pumice, lava, coral and vegetation in a coastal area suffered an uprising and the listener can appreciate iguana burrows. It is an ideal place to see red and blue lobster.

In Bahia Urbina you can see a lot of Darwin's finches. Its main attraction is the land iguanas, larger than in places like South Plaza Island, Galapagos tortoises also in the wild, sometimes even out of season they are on the bottom of the islands.

Also in this area stands a large amount of vegetation Muyuy, chamomile and Rosewood, but among all these plants stand out the beautiful flowers of cotton Darwin, endemic to the Galapagos Islands.

Isabela Island Galapagos, Urbina Bay


Map Urbina Bay, Isabela Island Galapagos

Map Urbina Bay, Isabela Island Galapagos



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