Santiago Island, Galapagos Ecuador

Located northeast of Santa Cruz Island. Its area is 584 km ², is uninhabited and unfit for cultivation. Also known as San Salvador Island in honor of the first island discovered by Columbus in the Caribbean Sea. It is a fascinating place to visit because they had a great volcanic activity in the past. It has powerful evocations of human use in the past, including the extraordinary devastation by introduced goats and the remains of some attempts to mine salt.

Data of interest

  • Region:Insular
  • Province:Galapagos
  • Latitude:-0.2667
  • Length:-90.7000
  • Climate:22º C a 31º C
  • Population:-
  • Foundation:-
  • Mayor:-
  • Zip code:EC200150
  • Area code:593 5
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Quito:- km. aprox.
  • Distance from Guayaquil:- Km. aprox.



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Information on Santiago Island

Santiago Island is one of the most popular of the Galapagos Islands has several tourist attractions. Located in a central area is the fourth largest island in the archipelago.

James Island has some of the impressive natural sites such as: plush seal grotto, a lake of flamingos, and geologically recent lava flows in Sullivan Bay.

Accessed by James Bay, as silver is surrounded by large lava foam baroque susceptible to the beat of the waves, a coconut kilometers from the bay are two volcanic craters in the form of an inverted cone, whose vertices are large deposits of high purity salt crystals.

About James Bay I visited a colonial fur seal. It is also "The Cave of the Pirates."

The Island has a variety of sea birds, marine iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, land and sea turtles, flamingos, dolphins and sharks. A large number of goats and wild pigs that were introduced have caused great damage to native flora and fauna.

The main feature of Santiago Island is the volcanic formation. It also has excellent dive sites where you can observe eels, rays, sharks and octopuses. Other activities that can be done on the island include: hiking, bird watching and swimming.

Also known as James Island Mugar is a very interesting visit, especially for lovers of volcanology and geology.

Santiago Island, Galapagos Ecuador


Map Santiago Island, Galapagos Ecuador

Map of Santiago Island, Galapagos Ecuador



Activities and Sites of interest in the Santiago Island



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