Rabida Island, Galapagos Ecuador

Also known by the name of Jervis in honor of a British Admiral John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent. Rabida is located 5 km south of Santiago Island and is commonly regarded as the geographical center of the Galapagos Islands. It has an area of 4.9 km ² and a maximum altitude of 367 meters. It has a high iron content, resulting in that this place has a distinctive reddish color. Its main attraction is the salt lake with flamingos, pelicans and boobies place where they build their nests.

Data of interest

  • Region:Insular
  • Province:Galapagos
  • Latitude:-0.4167
  • Length:-91.5000
  • Climate:18º C a 29º C
  • Population:-
  • Foundation:-
  • Mayor:-
  • Zip code:-
  • Area code:593 5
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Quito:- km. aprox.
  • Distance from Guayaquil:- Km. aprox.



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Information of Rabida Island

Rabida is one of the volcanically varied islands. Geologically composed of eroded hills and splashing lava emitted by cones that have led and created the island of colors. It is an uninhabited island, where you can enjoy its unique natural beauty and animal.

The high iron content of the lava causes the island Rabida has a characteristic reddish color.

The high iron content of the lava causes the island Rabida has a characteristic reddish color. It is home to large populations of sea lions, flamingos and pelicans.

Marine iguanas and sea lions are often can be observed in the shade of caves, which are very close to the beach. In Rabida Island is the only place where you can see near nesting sites for pelicans. Also in the cliffs can be seen pelicans and blue footed boobies masked.

Rabida Island has a zigzag path, walking among Opuntia cacti and Palo Santo trees covering also the volcanic peak of the island, where you can enjoy incredible scenery, flora and fauna. A short distance on top of the road, is the place to take good photographs of the clear waters and volcanic peaks.

Also a good place to dive with sea lions, sharks, rays and dolphins. The most frequent to appear is the bottle-nosed dolphin and a little luck it will see the other two varieties: the spinner and common dolphins.

Undoubtedly one of the most visited places on the island Rabida is the salt water lagoon, where you can see large colonies of pink flamingos, 9 species of Darwin's finches, Galapagos hawks, ducks, white-cheeked, sea lions, penguins and brown pelicans.

Rabida  Island, Galapagos Ecuador


Map Rabida Island, Galapagos Ecuador

Map of Rabida Island, Galapagos Ecuador




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