Floreana Island Galapagos, Punta Cormorant

Punta Cormorant is located on the north coast of Floreana. It is the best place to visit, offers excellent sand beaches of different colors and one of the largest gaps of flamingos in the Galapagos Islands. Punta Cormorant has a volcanic origin has craters that house reefs provide one of the best places for swimming and snorkelling.

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Information of Punta Cormorant

Cormorant Point is located between two volcanic tuffs give the place a special atmosphere. It is one of the places to visit restricted and tightly controlled by the Galapagos National Park because of its fragile ecosystem and the purity of its conservation.

In this part live flamingos and blue-footed Finches, in its crystalline waters and sharks swimming in its sandy beaches flour, well-known for being very thin, white, sea turtles bury their eggs.

Punta Cormorant visitors have to travel a path of 720 meters, the same goes for a pond, gazebos and a median of sand beach hermatypic coral polished reason which has a smooth texture. These types of sites are ideal for chilli strips, they prefer places with fine sand waves have allowing them to escape natural predators.

In the lagoon you can find a large population of flamingos on the beach and a nesting area for sea turtles. You can also see other species of flora and fauna.

At Punta Cormorant are two plant species are endemic to the site: hairy and Lecocarpus Scalesia pinaffitidus.

From Punta Cormorant is accessible visitor sites to the north of Corona del Diablo, the perfect place for snorkeling. To the west, Post Office Bay, where lies a legendary post barrel used by whalers to send letters to their families. On the other side of the Point can be seen a large bay of white sand in which turtles lay their eggs usually is the Shark Bay.

Floreana Island Galapagos, Punta Cormorant


Map Punta Cormorant, Floreana Galapagos

Map of Punta Cormoran Galapagos



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