Santiago Island Galapagos, Puerto Egas

Puerto Egas and Southern James Bay is located northwest of Santiago Island, fascinating place to visit because they had a great volcanic activity in the past. Puerto Egas is one of the most popular sites in the Galapagos Archipelago. It has a beautiful black sand beach where you can see the ruins consist of a salt company and its many inhabitants as the sea lions, chameleons, lizards and herons.

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Information of Puerto Egas

Puerto Egas was formerly used for salt mining, which took in large quantities. At South Beach is located Sugarloaf Volcano, which has deposits of volcanic tuff, the same that have favored the formation of black sand beach.

The crater is a saltwater lagoon, the same as in summer dries out and becomes a salt mine. Between 1928 and 1930, a first exploitation of salt, it had no major accomplishments. Then in 1964 there was a new holding, the same as hard a time.

Puerto Egas, was named because of the last operation performed by Egas Héctor company, which failed because the price of salt in the continent was very cheap and did not justify exploitation in the Galapagos. The project was abandoned and left across their infrastructure.

Tourists can take a walk along the coast on a lava flow of ash covered by coastal vegetation, which is usually hawks, doves land, lava lizards, finches, mockingbirds on the shore of the sea was especially low tide and about lots of crabs.

They can also snorkelling and swimming with the seals of the Galapagos, observed a large number and variety of fish. You will also find channels on which bridges are naturally formed rock, and tunnels that served as the lava vent crater nearby.

Santiago Island Galapagos, Puerto Egas


Map Puerto Egas, Santiago Island Galapagos

Map of Puerto Egas, SantiagoIsland Galapagos



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