Floreana Island Galapagos, Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay is located north of Floreana, known as the island of a thousand hills. It was a haven for pirates since the late fifteenth century has the early seventeenth century. Post Office Bay is a historic site where the mailbox is Colnett established in 1793. The Galapagos whalers and residents use it to leave your email in it. Boats departing ships left their cards and returning home the collected and sent by mail to your recipients.

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Information of Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay is located west of Punta Cormorant, Floreana Island. Named after Juan José Flores, the first president of Ecuador, during whose administration the government of Ecuador took possession of the archipelago.

In Post Office Bay, since the seventeenth century whalers and pirates that sailed the endless waters of the Pacific, used a barrel at Post Office so that the cards could be collected and delivered to their recipients, mainly in Europe and the United States by the ships were on their way home.

Today, this tradition is kept alive with tourists who visit the Galapagos Islands. Passengers of individual vessels carry a card or letter to family members or friends. All you have to do is pick up a letter that is directed to where they live.

Here also lie the remains of an effort led by Norwegian settlement in the early twentieth century, who installed a fish cannery.

Post Office Bay also has a beautiful beach of fine sand and light brown, safe as a spa, which for decades have probably landed volunteers mail couriers.

Another point of interest is a lava tunnel, which is formed when lava cools on the sides and base, but the core material continues to flow downward. Eventually, the lava is still liquid leaking and spills outward leaving a hollow cavity.

Floreana Island Galapagos, Post Office Bay


Map Post Office Bay, Floreana Island Galapagos

Map of Post Office Bay Galapagos



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