Bartolome Galapagos, Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock is a symbol of the Galapagos Islands, is a triangular shaped rock erect the same as are the remains of a volcanic cone. Located in Bartholomew, a small island that has beautiful white sand beaches, lush green mangroves and a colony of penguins. This island has an area of 1.2 km ² and a maximum altitude of 114 meters. Here you can see the Galapagos penguin and sea lions. Formations are also seen recent volcanic cones and lava.

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Information of Pinnacle Rock

Pinnacle Rock is the most representative image of the archipelago, located strategically on a volcanic cone. It is definitely the main attraction of Isla Bartolome.

Bartoleme is considered an open book of geology, its arid soil, rocks and craters that at first glance seem uninhabited. Characterized by its beautiful beaches, green mangroves and moonscape of volcanic formations.

Pinnacle Rock is erect triangular shaped the same as are the remains of a volcanic cone, around this pinnacle can swim and dive around, enjoying the world. Here you can observe sea turtles, sharks, white tip reef and tropical fish. The bay is also a great place to go swimming. The so-called twin bays separated by a narrow isthmus.

The ascent to the viewpoint may take a 30-40 minute walk in tranches on a wooden staircase. The reward will undoubtedly be spectacular.

From the top, is visible in the lower two horseshoe-shaped bays, side by side, leaving an isthmus between them. On the right at the tip ends in two bizarre formations of basalt rock: a cone-shaped and other shaped pen, which is particularly remarkable for its thinness, including Pinnacle Rock, an eroded tuff cone.

East dae summit can be found spray-type cones, formed by drops of thick lava. These cones are parasites because they did not form the main vento. To the west are sedimented volcanic cinder cones and eroded remnants.

Pinnacle Rock is one of the best sites for snorkeling and swimming. Sometimes you can see penguins fishing.

Bartolome Island Galapagos, Pinnacle Rock


Map Pinnacle Rock, Bartolome Galápagos

Map Pinnacle Rock, Bartolome Galapagos



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