Santa Cruz Island, Los Gemelos

The Twins are located in the highlands of Isla Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora on the road Itabaca-Channel, in the Galapagos Archipelago. They are great depressions of volcanic material, formed by a long process of slow sinking of the land, where trees of escalesia excepchicieionales, ferns, mosses and orchids can be seen. Some species of Galapagos finches and often the beautiful bird witch can be seen here.

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Information of Los Gemelos

Los Gemelos are subsidence craters formed by a series of eruptions when the islands were still active. Craters Twins are the only place on the island where the forest escalesia.

This area has received much use in recent years by what they have created several paths leading to the two craters. In 1989 he opened a circular path around the largest crater, which passes through the woods of escalesia, an excellent place to observe land birds, especially the woodpecker finch and the bird witch.

Los Gemelos are geologically speaking, seen as craters and holes his training is not directly due to volcanic action. They were created as a result of collapse or sinking of surface materials into cracks or underground chambers.

It is the best place to observe the bird most outstanding of the upper parts of the islands, the bird witch, since they occur in large numbers in the forest escalesia. They are curious and usually pretty tame. They feed on insects that often trap with the peak in mid-flight. Their nesting season is from January to April; put 3 eggs in a nest constructed of mosses and lichens.

The forest is located in escalesia Los Gemelos belongs to the family of escalesia pedunculata, one of 14 species in the Galapagos Islands. Another plant that draws attention in this area are Guayabillo trees, Psidium galapageium, which have a clean, smooth bark. Its branches are covered with epiphytes and some brown liver, which many visitors confuse it with moss.

Santa Cruz Island Galapagos, Los Gemelos


Map Los Gemelos, Santa Cruz Island Galapagos

Map Lo Gemelos Galapagos



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