Española Island Galapagos, Gardner Bay

Gardner Bay is located at the east coast of the Spanish Island in the Galapagos Archipelago. It is a white coral beach full of sea lions, ideal for swimming and snorkelling, as well as can be seen several marine species in Galapagos. The white sand and calm of its clear waters invite relaxation.

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Information on Gardner Bay

Gardner Bay is defined by two beaches the same as you have a total length of 1300 meters. Because of its location on the Spanish island, here you can watch the albatross while performing a vigorous dance of love and nest between the months of April and December.

Its main attraction is the colony of sea lions that live on the beach, present in greater amounts in the breeding season. You can walk among these great animals and enjoy swimming or diving in the bay.

Gardner Bay also can find a wide variety of resident and migratory birds: Galapagos doves, Darwin's finches and a blower between the lava rocks near the sea and cranes.

Here are three species of Darwin's finches: A subspecies of cactus finch grosbeak (Geospiza fuliginosa), which is similar to the large ground finch beak, the ground finch beak small (Geospiza fuliginosa and singer finch (Certhidea Olivacea) which is another endemic subspecies.

Gardner Bay is the nesting green sea turtles. The turtle population of the island was reduced by human predation in 1965 found only 12 females and 2 males that were transferred them to the pens of Galapaguera Santa Cruz Island. For the year 1976, in collaboration with the San Diego Zoo was brought a third male. After several monitoring were several adults and for 1991 was found the first turtles born in the wild. The turtles are concentrated near Manzanillo Bay and the upper part of the island.

Around the small islets in Gardner Bay you can go snorkeling. Divers will find a lush marine life.

Isla Española Galápagos, Bahia Gardner


Map Gardner Bay, Española Island Galapagos

Map of Gardner Bay, Española Island Galapagos



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