Cuenca Ecuador, El Sagrario Church

El Sagrario Church or Old Cathedral represents the oldest building in the city of Cuenca. Its construction was ordered on July 7, 1557, after 10 years the Spanish Foundation of Cuenca and was built in 1567. Quality is raised to the Cathedral in the late eighteenth century with the establishment of the diocese in Cuenca. The church has undergone several restorations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, keeping its European Renaissance structure.

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Information of El Sagrario Church

he church was built with Inca stones Tomebamba the city, which served for the foundations and bases of the walls. The temple walls are adobe and define the space. The tower was built of brick and the structure of the central nave of wood, like all the chapels.

The Church The Tabernacle was viewed as the first center of religious worship in the city during the colonial period. To raise the Church of El Sagrario the council raised funds and directed the work.

The interior has four chapels, three of them in honor of the Sorrowful, Immaculate and St. Joseph, they belong to the colonial era. The fourth chapel on the left side of the temple is in honor of Blessed Sacrament. You can also see paintings, murals, bells cast by Sangurima and one of the most beautiful bodies of flutes made by artists in 1739 by Cuenca.

Today the Church of The Sagratio is undergoing refurbishment, excavations have revealed substantial historical data, the traces of ancient buildings and many graves to be transformed into a Museum of Religious Art.

Importantly, one of the towers of the Old Cathedral served as a reference to the French Geodesic Mission for measuring the terrestrial meridian arc in 1739 and has access from outside, special status in relation to other churches in the city.

Cuenca, El Sagrario Church


Map El Sagrario Church, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of El Sagrario Church, Cueca Ecuador



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