Cuenca Ecuador, Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay

The Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay born 30 years ago in the city of Cuenca, in an era where the culture was allowed only for the elite. At present, it breaks all kinds of myths and beliefs and restores innate knowledge as a condition of being human. The museum opens its doors thanks to the initiative of the OAS, which aims to promote art and its spread to the local societies. It is equipped with native relics and pieces of various points of Latin America. It also has the publication of several copies of magazines which allows its readers a cognitive contribution local tourism, national and foreign.

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  • City:Cuenca
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Presidente Cordova and Luis Cordero
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 07:00 to 24:00
  • Cost of revenue:2.00 USD



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Information of Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay

Within the archaeological museum exhibitions, craft and painting of three major cultures: Canari-colonial-Inca archaeological site of All Saints. You can also observe different ethnographic collections, paleontological, ceramics, painting, etc.

The Museum seeks to make known the past of Cuenca and transform the cultural and archaeological content, making an approach to various art forms. The museum has more than three thousand pieces of crafts from different countries, the most outstanding of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

Standing Room

In this room are collections that highlight the cultures Cañari, Inca, and colonial period which are represented by cups, vases, pitchers, pots and compoteras with decorations in red and white. Parts can also be seen as aryballos very representative of the Inca culture. It also features musical instruments, festivals, pottery, basketry and weaving.

SRotary Room

In this hall, exhibits various pieces of modern art, especially paintings and sculptures. Taking into account that one of the policies of the museum is also promoting artists who are getting into the field of art.

Art Workshops

The Museum develops educational programs designed to stimulate the creativity of children and young people, so, it seeks to generate a link between the Museum and these human groups, making them participants in the activities generated in it, creating an important alternative for life Basin and cultural region.

Cuenca, Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay


Map Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of Cultural House Museum Core of Azuay, Cuenca Ecuador



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