Cuenca Ecuador, Cojitambo Ruins

Cojitambo Archaeological Complex is located 21 kilometers northeast of the city of Cuenca, which has its short form, gives the appearance of a sleeping lion. This consists of cultural materials dating back about 500 years before Christ. The structure of the ruins is the foundation stone covering an approximate area of 52 hectares.

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  • City:Cuenca
  • Sector:Cojitambo
  • Address:11 km of Cuenca
  • Schedule of attention Monday to Sunday 8:00 to 19:00
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Information of Cojitambo Ruins

During exploration and excavation of Cojitambo were found buried in Inca 14 sheaves of barley and ivory teeth. Cojutambo is described as a volcanic rock formation that rises amid Azogues sandstone.

Also on the terrace rooms have found Archeological cultural materials that are linked to the Canarian culture.

At the top of the hill you can see a series of buildings that surround a central plaza here have found evidence to suggest that were built by the Incas. Following the Inca traditions did not destroy the sanctuaries and other local cult, if not that unlike those involved within their own worldview, that basically had the same grounds as the rest of the Andean group, so its simply meant accepting ideological enrichment through the management of regional variables at your service.

The archaeological survey work in Cojitambo has determined that this site covers an approximate area of 52 hectares and has been stratified into three groups of buildings consisting of an extensive complex of ruins that rise above the summit and flanks amesetada north and west of Hill, adapting to the terrain features, complemented with other evidence of military and religious character, which articulate with the Inca Trail that passes through the base of the hill.

Set I

Tiene una forma de erradura o en U y cuenta con 4 esquinas redondas formando una plaza, los muros que lo conforman son de 1.53 metros de espesor  por 1.80 metros de alto. En el interior se puede observar  un pozo de agua revestido de piedra  en  forma circular.

Set II

It is the smallest enclosure Cojitambo Arqueolóogico Complex, located east of Central Square, you can see a large terrace housing, bases flanked by two semi-elliptical housing.


It consists of a rectangular structure of drywall and mud mortar in two environments. It is the largest exhibition Cojitambo, has six platforms, 5 and 4 foundations of housing stairways, located southeast of the central plaza.

Cuenca, Cojitambo Ruins


Map Cojitambo Ruins, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of Cojitambo Ruins, Cuenca Ecuador



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