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In the heart of Colonial Quito, is the largest historic show that talks about the origins and evolution of the Ecuadorian capital. It occupies the oldest civil building in the city, which operated for many years the San Juan de Dios Hospital. The museum traces the daily life of citizens of those times, through stories, legends, traditions, taste, taste, clothes and even holidays.

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  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Historic Center
  • Dirección: Garcia Moreno E1-47 y Rocafuerte
  • Schedule of attention Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a 16:00
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD



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Information of City Museum

Five rooms recreate the events leading to the formation of Quito today, there you can appreciate the evolution that has seen the city from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Quito Chamber .- It shows the clash of two cultures, the game between the richness of an ancient past and present cultural diversity. A different reading of history, from the daily life and social processes. This also has the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The old pieces have left their boxes in displaying works of art for its beauty or age to become objects of everyday life.

Siglo XVI .- In this room we can see how the sixteenth century was a violent period, following the establishment and enforcement of a new order. The Spanish foundation of Quito established contact and difficult coexistence between two different cultures, and brought about the beginning of mixing, new geographical limits and enforcement of laws and other government systems.

Siglo XVII .- This century was marked by economic strength, driven by the industrial development of the tissues, and known as the indigenous ancestral handling not found it difficult to adapt to technology imposed by the Spanish. Here you can admire the birth of a city dominated Baroque culture.

Siglo XVIII .- This century was marked by the visit of foreign scientific missions, who recognized the richness of the region, its animals, plants and people. There was a well-marked social stratification that set the standards of behavior and customs that people should take according to their class. It was a time when the sculpture was developed, where Bernardo de Legarda its highest representative.

Siglo XIX.- It was an era of modernization and Frenchified the aesthetic taste of the inhabitants of Quito. The libertarian ideas that were brought about in the previous century, with Eugenio Espejo as its main attraction, gave way to independence and the establishment of the Republic. The new technologies break social consciousness with the idea of progress.

The Museo de la Ciudad is a center of cultural expression of Quito. Place of production and hosting issues, concepts, interpretive perspectives and values about social reality and the national and international culture.

Quito, Museo de la Ciudad


Map City Museum, Quito Ecuador

Quito, Mapa Museo de la Ciudad



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