Cuenca Ecuador, Central Bank Museum

The Central Bank Museum of Ecuador opened in the city of Cuenca in the early 80s to offer a vision of a deep, through everyday objects. A tour of the facility will take them through the cultural and ethnic values in the area of the south of Ecuador. Central Bank Museum has objects found in the area of Pumapungo, where currently the museum's facilities. It also provides library services, newspaper, music library and a large collection of photos of the city.

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  • City:Cuenca
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Larga street and Ave. Huayna Capac
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 07:00 to 24:00
  • Cost of revenue:2.00 USD



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Information of Central Bank Museum

In the Central Bank Museum displays pieces currency used for decades and which formed part of the identity Ecuador. Here you can observe the changes suffered by the Sucre; both currencies, as in the bills.

The museum is divided into four rooms: Ethnographic Collection of the nineteenth century, the City of Tomebamba and Documentation.

Ethnographic Museum

In the Ethnographic Museum, one can appreciate the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up Costa, Sierra and Amazon regions of Ecuador. You can also visit the "Housing Shuar", pictures of the house represent the path of the sun. The interior is divided into two areas and female or male or tankamash ekent.

Collection of Siglo XIX

Cristero Treason is important in the Ecuadorian art. The Basin is inserted into the vigorous production. Sangurima Gaspar, possible Caspicara student, is the most significant sculptor of the early nineteenth Christ among us. Their work touches all Cuenca sculptors of his time, by tearing it gave to his pictures of dead or dying Crucified, and the search for anatomical perfection, which reaches its highest point in José Miguel Velez, master of the order of the century. The third shows a collection of the former currency of Ecuador, Sucre, here you can see its evolution over the years.

Tomebamba City

The Central Bank Museum is dedicated to the rescue of Tobebamba of the Incas, founded more than seventy years. Archaeological research in this area had significant discoveries and funerary offerings were high and archaeological material.


The Central Bank Museum documentation provides an area where visitors can access the library which has a repertoire of fifty thousand volumes of various themes such as encyclopedias, philosophy, works of economics, history, art books and literature. It also has a large reading room for up to one hundred people.

In the area of the library (Historical Archive) can be found more than six thousand documents in the history of the region and the city. You can also access the Photo Library which keeps a set of fifteen thousand photos and slides related to the city of Cuenca in the twentieth century.

Cuenca, Central Bank Museum


Map Central Bank Museum, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of Central Bank Museum, Cuenca Ecuador



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