Cuenca Ecuador, Carmen de la Asuncion Church

The Monastery Carmen de la Asuncion is one of the majestic religious structures of Cuenca. Located in the historic center of the city beside the Plaza de las Flores, highlighted by a sculpted marble cover, which is a magnificent example of Baroque art. It has a Renaissance style structure, which you can see interesting sculptures, Baroque. The church was built in honor of the Virgin in the invocation of the Assumption.

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  • City:Cuenca
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Sucre and Padre Aguirre
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 07:00 to 24:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Carmen de la Asuncion Church

The founders of the Carmen de la Asuncion church, arrived from Quito, the convent of San José was founded in Ecuadorian first Saint Mariana de Jesus Paredes y Flores. These fervent religious came to Cuenca, the city first saw the Carmelite habit and the faith and generosity that has characterized them were able to build on the same site where today sits the monastery, the church of the Virgen del Carmen.  

Its facade is adorned by an elegant doorway carved in stone, which are interesting as sculptures, Baroque Solomonic columns that frame the door and images of San Pedro and San Pablo.

The interior has a real antique reliquary, highlighting the beautiful neoclassical colonial altarpiece and the pulpit covered with gold leaf and mirrors. It also has a beautiful facade of four stone columns carved in a spiral and on these a high relief of the patron saint of the convent.

In the upper part of the church draws attention with its ceiling murals and on the back, the chorus completely covered with a mesh, which was intended to cover cloistered nuns who entered to sing on it for services special.

Today the Church of the Assumption celebrates Carmen religious festivals of 1 to 15 August. Thousands of devotees flock to the temple where the first 9 days is made novenas to honor the Virgin of the Assumption. During the first week of religious celebration in charge of families from Azogues. The end of the celebration is a procession with the image of the Virgin around the church. Internal and external arrangements of the temple are the responsibility of the nuns of the monastery.

Cuenca, Carmen de la Asuncion Church


Map Carmen de la Asuncion Church, Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca, Carmen de la Asuncion Church



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