Cuenca Ecuador, Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park is located 30 km west of the city of Cuenca, capital of the province of Azuay. Has an area of 28.544 hectares and has over 250 small lakes and ponds. It was declared a National Park on 5 November 1996 on the archaeological value of the area and rich in flora and fauna. The Banks is home to many endemic and endangered animals from extinction.

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  • Address:30 km of Cuenca
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Information of Cajas National Park

Cajas National Park is made, the vast majority, Sub-Alpine Rainforest, commonly known as moor. The Banks provide about 60% of drinking water for the city of Cuenca. Two of the four rivers of Cuenca originate in the boxes, rivers Tomebamba Yanuncay and guidelines, which eventually flow into the Amazon.

Cajas National Park and Reserve is clearly a beautiful desert valleys, lakes, vistas and rock formations high moor. The floor of encuebtra moor covered with a layer of straw and a wide variety of plants in a pad, that constitute true reservoirs of water in the soil. There are also a number of species of small shrubs.

Near the Cajas National Park can find a wide variety of animals, among which stand out are the Andean condor, the partridge, the hummingbird, the cuchipau, the curiquingues, the chaupau, blackbird and guan. There are also white-tailed deer, spectacled bear, puma, deer of the moor, heath rabbit, curiquingues, tapir, Andean gulls and other birds of the moor. The avifauna is composed of 157 species of birds.

The area shows evidence of human activities from Canaries newspapers. The Inca Trail crosses the park and is a remnant of road between the Tambo Tomebamba Paredones in the strategic road between the highlands and the coast. In the park and its environs have found 28 archaeological sites dating from the periods pre-Inca and Inca.

With the creation of the park area has become the ideal place for hiking, climbing, camping, fishing and bird watching.

Cuenca, Cajas National Park


Map Cajas National Park, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of Cajas National Park, Cuenca Ecuador



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