Alberto Mena Caamaño Museum, Quito

The Alberto Mena Caamano Museum, is located in a historic building with great history, with the Palace of Government. The museum's permanent colonial and republican art. Inside holds a priceless collection of objects and historical documents of the Audiencia of Quito. The museum also displayed objects of French art and the artist Alexander Barbieri, who based his work on the painter of Riobamba, César Villacrés.

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  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Historic Center
  • Dirección: Garcia Moreno E1-47 y Rocafuerte
  • Schedule of attention Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a 16:00
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD



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Information of Alberto Mena Caamaño Museum

It is known as the "Wax Museum" because it represents the scene of the massacre of the patriots of August 2, 1909 in wax. The figures were produced in Paris by Alexander Barbieri, who modeled the pictorial work of César Villacrés in 1909, a painting that lies at the Eloy Alfaro Military College.

The museum's collections are handled in thematic exhibitions on four rooms:

Colonial Art:Permanent Exhibition colonial and republican art.

Modern Art: You can see the modern art of Ecuador, which is based on the works that have won the annual prize of painting and sculpture "Mariano Aguilera." Room 3 takes visitors along a route from Pedro Vicente Maldonado to the first cry of independence and the martyrdom of August 2, 1810, and culminates in the wax museum.

Wax statues: In this room you can see the scene of the August 2, 1810, the wax figures. The statues are located in the same place where the heroes were killed by the military Lima.

This exhibition contains material of a high-impact visual. The visitor will find yourself so anecdotal in content, what makes this space a site teaching, entertaining and interesting.

Quito, Museo Alberto Mena Caamaño


Map Alberto Mena Caamaño Museum, Quito Ecuador

Quito, Museo Alberto Mena Caamaño



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