Baños Ecuador, Llanganates National Park

Llanganates National Park is located in three provinces, Tungurahua, Napo and Pastaza, near the town of Baños de Agua Santa and Puyo. In this park you could find a variety of alien landscapes and many of them almost inaccessible, including deep valleys, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and abundant vegetation.

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  • City: Baños
  • Sector:Southeast
  • Address:Tungurahua Province
  • Schedule of attention:Daily from 09:00 to 19:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Llanganates National Park

Llanganates National Park covers an area of 219 707 hectares and was declared a National Park on January 18, 1996.

In the park is always linked to the memory of General Rumiñahui and heroic defense of the treasures of the Kingdom of Quito.

Llaganates National Park contains one of the communication and trade routes and strategic oldest that has existed between the inter-Andean and Amazon basins.

They are characterized as one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world because they contain a wealth of plant species much larger than that of the lowlands of the Amazon, represented by montane rainforest and several species of grasses and Asteraceae accompanied by trees such as alder, the cinnamon, the motilón, the pumamaqui, the myrtle and cedar.

In rivers Topo, Ana Tenorio and Mulatos located in the north of the park stand out several species of orchids and epiphytes..

Llaganates National Park has about 12% of the birds in the mainland, on the moors and high Andean forests have identified 47.8% of the species of mammals in the northern part of Ecuador.

In turn, wildlife consists of rabbits, guinea pigs mount, chucuris, cervicabra, mountain tapirs, wolves of moor. We also found spectacled bear, cock of the rock, ocelots, deer and condors.

Llanganates National Park can hike, horseback riding, camping, fishing and bird watching, accompanied by a qualified guide.

Baños Ecuador, Parque Nacional Llanganates


Map Llanganates National Park, Baños Ecuador

Map of Llanganates National Park Ecuador



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