Babahoyo Ecuador, Rodeos Montubios

The Rodeo Montubio is one of the few traditions that preserved the city of Babahoyo and allows the field to meet the man of his habits, his skill and joy. Every year on October 12, day of the race is perceived in a festive atmosphere city. The rodeo montubio is healthy competition between the owners and estate workers. They participate with skillful riders and also exhibit their best horses and mares.

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  • City:Babahoyo
  • Sector:Central
  • Address:Parroquia Pimocha
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 09:00 to 17:00
  • Cost of revenue:5 USD



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Information of Rodeos Montubios

The Rodeos Montubios is the most expected by the montubio. It is the opportunity to showcase their skill and ability to ride a horse or roping Chucaro. It is performed in the canton Babahoyo, in the province of Los Ríos, parish Pimocha the main square.

In montubios rodeos held in the meeting and the merger of the two races, the American Indian peoples with the Spanish, as became the new race, which celebrates its festivals as acts of cultural and folkloric events.

It is a coastal tradition that takes place each October 12, was chosen this date, which coincides with Columbus Day, where local and foreign visitors can learn more about who the man in the field, his courage, his boldness, and to admire the beauty of women montubio during the election of the Criolla Bonita. The event involved the estates sympathetic women invited.

The rodeo is a kind of competition between the riders to show who's the cleverest, the most audacious when horse riding or dominate Chucaro.

Stocks Pimocha, Vinces including the province of El Oro Balzar with populations of Guayas province, made the spectacle of rodeo, is a colorful feast in which riders compete parade and attend dressed in costumes that distinguish and essential straw hat.

Among the tests of skill that stands out in the Rodeo Montubio is linked, the horsemen are formed in V to drive the horse to where else link (back, standing or lying). Others will tie the legs.

By tradition, rodeos attract locals and foreigners, who at the end of each day enjoy dances.

Babahoyo Ecuador, Rodeos Montubios


Map Babahoyo Ecuador

Map of Babahoyo Ecuador



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