Babahoyo Ecuador, Malecon of Babahoyo

Babahoyo's Malecon, located in the province of Los Rios in the streets and Martin Rocafuerte Ycaza are the most important routes that the city has Babahoyo. The Malecón, called The Artist Plaza is one of the main symbols of the city that borders the Rio Babahoyo, has a lot of tourist services as well as entertainment.

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  • City:Babahoyo
  • Sector:Central
  • Address:Rocafuerte and Martin Ycaza
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Malecon

In the Malecon Babahoyo is preferred by many who wish to pursue their sports activities such as jogging and walking, making it an enjoyable and relaxing in the company of fresh air and the river breeze.

Babahoyo's Malecon consists of three sectors, has four fast food outlets and games, for others there is a pedestrian bridge linking the city with the parish the jump. Also here you can see the pedestrian bridge linking the city with the parish the jump.

In the second sector are "The River Shopping Center, a trade area with 18 shops for the sale of various merchandise.

In the last sector we find the "Paseo Park, a wooded walking area, maintaining the existing vegetation in this area there is another area eateries that are four in number for the sale of fast food.

Every Sunday, the Malecon Babahoyo becomes the "Malecón Libre", a project that City Hall closes vehicular traffic and becomes a pedestrian free zone, which is also used for the use of bicycles and other sports.

The boardwalk is a beautiful place that combines all the elements of nature with elements of modern life. In the Malecon you can also find many restaurants cinemas and local and international food of the highest quality.

Babahoyo Ecuador, Malecon of Babahoyo


Map Malecon of Babahoyo, Ecuador

Map  Malecon of Babahoyo, Ecuador



Activities and Sites of interest in Babahoyo


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