Babahoyo Ecuador, House of Olmedo

House of Olmedo is located on the right bank of the river Babahoyo, opposite the town of that name, in the Hacienda La Virginia. One of the biggest attractions of the city and is a rich history having once signed the treaty of Virginia between national forces and General Juan José Flores.

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  • City:Babahoyo
  • Sector:Central
  • Address:Right bank of the river Babahoyo
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD



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Information of the House of Olmedo

House of Olmedo was declared Cultural Heritage by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage, because she lived the renowned writer José Joaquín de Olmedo of Ecuador, the author of Canto a Bolivar.

It was owned by Captain Miguel Agustín de Olmedo father of José Joaquín de Olmedo who at his death, was left an inheritance to his son.

Olmedo was a man who excelled not only for their valuable cooperation in the Ecuadorian literature, but also how important it was for the country in momentous events that marked or changed course many times wearing Ecuador.

In the House belongings are exhibited by the poet and former president, including his room, bed, chairs meetings, cabinets, tables and cooking utensils. It also adds some archaeological remains of the cultures that settled in the province of Los Ríos.

The house has two floors, with tile roofs, bamboo walls covered with plaster and bamboo large wooden balconies, is in the midst of a garden full of flowers, ornamental plants, mango and leafy trees.

This historical heritage, raised in the seventeenth century, is currently being remodeled, the work is carried out such that the housing does not suffer the effects of the passage of time.

They use wood brought from the forests of the province, which is first cured with products that protect against moths, woodworm, termites and other insects.

House of Olmedo is not only a vivid memory of history, but the most representative of the city of Babahoyo.

Babahoyo Ecuador, House of Olmedo


Map House of Olmedo, Babahoyo Ecuador

Map of House of Olmedo, Babahoyo Ecuador



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