Ambato Ecuador, Quinta Juan Leon Mera

The Quinta Juan Leon Mera dates from 1874, contains the life and death of the author of the letter of the National Anthem of Ecuador. The fifth is a combination of the wealth of art and culture of Ecuador, adding an extraordinary natural environment that make it an icon of the nationality of the country. It is listed as National Heritage, as it has a wonderful environment with 250 botanical species between native and introduced plants, also has seven endemic species that are unique to America.

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  • City:Ambato
  • Sector:Atocha
  • Address:Circunvalacion Avenue
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Información de la Quinta Juan Leon Mera

Among the adobe walls of the Quinta Juan Leon Mera memories are preserved, manuscripts, paintings and photographs that speak of his love for art.

Juan Leon Mera was born June 28, 1832 in the city of Ambato, was a self that never enter school and yet he was a polyglot who spoke five languages by including the Quichua. He was also a most important writers of Latin America in the nineteenth century.

Mera fight from the Congress when he was president and secretary of the dinner, many laws imposed very important for the development of the country, in defense of the indigenous people deep.

The author of the national anthem of Ecuador was Juan León Mera, your letter is a true song of freedom and justice for which he was persecuted and criticized. It is the most important legacy apart from his classic works of literature in Ecuador.

Mera was a writer, painter, journalist, politician and farmer for several of the oldest species of the house were planted with his own hand. It has an area of 5 hectares and is considered as a study center that is part of the botanical garden of Ambato. The vegetation that exists at the bottom of the house near the river has native of the East.

The Quinta is a typical architectural structure of the republican era, the French-style gardens are due to the lakes and oriental style by palm trees.

Today is a natural museum, where you can see the belongings of the illustrious writer Ambato surrounded during its existence.

Ambato, Quinta Juan Leon Mera


Map Quintaç Juan Leon Mera, Ambato Ecuador

Map of Quinta Juan Leon Mera, Ambato Ecuador



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