Ambato Ecuador, Pelileo

San Pedro de Pelileo is located in the heart of the province of Tungurahua, 20 km from the city of Ambato, is characterized by its fine handicrafts and fabrics are in great demand locally and internationally. Jean industry has made in the city Pelileo blue, is one of the most important productive activities particularly in the Canton neighborhood the Tambo sector. According to statistics 42% of the economically active population of Pelileo is linked directly to this activity.

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  • City:Ambato
  • Sector:South
  • Address:20 km from the city of Ambato
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 7:00 to 21:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Pelileo

Pelileo was founded in 1570 by Antonio Clavijo and was elevated to the status of county on July 22, 1922, 1860. On August 5, 1949, the city was buried by an earthquake, some 5,000 people died within the boundaries of the canton, the Most trapped in the ruins of the city. Currently the county has been rebuilt and is located in a mainly agricultural area.

The only structure still visible in the old city is a pillar of rock, broken, that was once part of the magnificent central church of San Pedro de Pelileo.

Tourism as a source of employment benefits for large parts of the Canton Pelileo providing quality services, for this is that by making an inventory of tourist resources such as the recreation center Moya, the black jumper on the old railway line to the old Pelileo , the former power plant, the sacred mountains and natural and impressive as the Cerro Niton.

The Canton Pelileo has important tourist sites, culture and handicrafts such as:

San Jose Huambalo

Known for making fine wooden furniture, located 25 minutes from the city of Pelileo. Here you can find a wide variety of furniture such as dining, rooms and beds, made from the skillful hands of artisans in small workshops in the community.

The Salasacas

The indigenous people of this community are agile weavers and market their crafts fairs are held Sundays in the central square and the houses in which designs sets of tapestries, ponchos, jackets and a variety handmade items. This community is held every year and pagan religious festivals have a special inter-cultural essence Inca and Hispanic, which recalls the legendary thanks to the Inti Raimi.

Cerro Niton

Located 3 km from the city of Pelileo, where young local and foreign bold in sport of paragliding. It also has an impressive vantage point from which you can see almost all districts of the province of Tungurahua.

Ambato Ecuador, Pelileo


Map Pelileo, Ambato Ecuador

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