Ambato Ecuador, Monument to the First Printing

The monument in honor of the first printing press is located on the balcony of St. Helena in the city of Ambato. It was set in the year 1754 by the Jesuits, a year later step in the direction of who was considered the first printer. It has an excellent view of the city and the Tungurahua volcano which is at 5016 meters over sea level.

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  • Address:Loma de Santa Elena
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Information of Monument to the First Printing

The first printing of Ecuador dates from colonial times and was named Company of Jesus, which was brought by the Jesuit priest Jose Maria Maugeri in 1755. The establishment of printing in Ambato, as expected, gave an unprecedented boost to journalism and other activities related to the graphic arts.

The first printing press was operated by the German printer Johannes Don Schwartz.

Four years later the printing press was brought to Quito by the parent Maugeri and installed at the Seminary of San Luis Rey. This was the only press that existed in Quito for over twenty-five, was it that Dr. Eugenio Espejo publications printed the first "First Fruits of Culture in Quito."

The monument to the first printing press in the city of Ambato bears an inscription which reads: "This work the first printing of Ecuador."

In 1835 the first newspaper was published in Ambato, governmental edition detailing the proceedings of the National Convention and since then the city has been a major center for the dissemination of written thought through newspapers, magazines and books .

Monument to the First Printing, Ambato Ecuador


Map Monument to the First Printing, Ambato Ecuador

Monument to the First Printing, Amabato Ecuador



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