Ambato Ecuador, House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo

The house and mausoleum of Juan Montalvo is located in the city of Ambato, is one of the main attractions of the city and patrimony of Ecuador, because here comes the greatest Latin American writer of the nineteenth century. The museum opens its doors in 1988 as a public institution in order to disseminate and promote life and work of Juan Montalvo. Inside you can find a tomb that resembles a Greek altar, where the remains of the illustrious writer.

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  • City:Ambato
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Montalvo and Bolivar
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Friday 14:00 to 19:00
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Information of the House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo

The House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo to be the house where he was born, it became the patrimony of the illustrious municipality. But before that Eloy Alfaro as one of the admirers of the works of Juan Montalvo, when hearing death ordered that the house become a school in honor of the writer.

Later this idea was not carried out, as the house became part of the municipality, where the idea to become a library of national and Latin American authors.

In 1986 the mayor of the city of Ambato Galo da Vela the order to the house become a museum and mausoleum.

Some of his most important works can be found inside the home are: Geometry and The Moral Buscapie, which were written in his first exile that was held in Ipiales, Colombia. You can observe the work place "Seven Treaties" by Juan Montalvo was praised as the best written and Ambato Ecuador of time.  

Currently consists of six rooms, identified as follows: Iconography and familiar objects, family room, the old Ambato, manuscripts and clothing, Montalvo Life and Character policy at the time, literary, journalistic and arrival of remains to Ambato and finally the Board of the exiles.

Montalvo House is an imposing c instruction designed by the architect Jorge Mideros, which jealously guards a good amount of materials incunabula, manuscripts, documents, letters, articles of various kinds, all are an invaluable treasure for the city of Ambato.

Ambato, House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo


Map House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo, Ambato Ecuador

Map of House and Mausoleum of Juan Montalvo



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