Ambato Ecuadro, Cathedral of Ambato

La catedral de Ambato fue inaugurada el 12 de Diciembre de 1954 y está ubicada en centro de la ciudad de Ambato. Destaca  su contexto arquitectónico y constituye un símbolo de la ciudad porque a más de ser una moderna edificación y el edificio más alto de Ambato. La Iglesia de la Catedral representa el renacer de la comunidad Ambateña, por que fue construida para reemplazar a la Iglesia Matriz de Ambato que fue seriamente afectada por el terremoto de 1949

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  • City:Ambato
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Bolivar and Montalvo
  • Schedule of attention Monday to Sunday 7:00 to 19:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of the Cathedral of Ambato

Ambato Cathedral is one of the most visited places in the city. Inside and outside you can see the windows of the apostles of Jesus and the pigeons who are guardians of the temple.

The original chapel was built in 1698, its facade was covered with straw, with contributions from many devotees was gradually restored and represent one of the largest buildings in the city.

In 1797, the earthquake destroyed the church completely. Thanks to the work of public and charitable people was undertaken to build a new church which was structured on the basis of stone and with beautiful design, it was destroyed on August 5, 1949 by a major earthquake.

The current building is constructed of reinforced concrete, marble, with large carved wooden gates, railing and white bell tower that stands next to a huge dome, carved stone steps and a large central nave with a wide arch.

It has several wooden altarpieces and images belong to the former matrix, such as: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, John the Baptist, Our Lady of Sorrows, the Lord of the Column, Immaculate Virgin. The altar table is made of marble and stone, which correspond to the remains of the old church.

Cathedral of Ambato, Ambato Ecuador


Map Cathedral of Ambato, Ambato Ecuador

Map of Cathedral of Ambato, Ambato Ecuador



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