Ambato Ecuador

Ambato is the capital of the province of Tungurahua, located at 2600 meters, is located in a hollow formed by six plateaus: Pillaro, Quisapincha, Tisaleo, Quero, and COTAL Huambalo. The city is known as the Garden of Ecuador, land of flowers and fruits or as the city of the three Juanes, for being the birthplace of Juan Leon Mera, Juan Montalvo and Juan Benigno Vela. Ambato has been hit by several earthquakes and rebuilt almost entirely in 1949, which begins the Feast of Flowers and Fruits in honor of the struggle of its inhabitants and today is one of the most important holidays in Ecuador , which is attended by delegations from various countries.

Data of interest

  • Region: Sierra
  • Province:Tungurahua
  • Latitude:1°14'30" S
  • Length:78° 37'11" W
  • Climate:14º C a 19º C
  • Population:220.282 estimate 2008)
  • Foundation:December 6, 1698
  • Mayor:Arq. Fernando Callejas
  • Zip code:EC180150
  • Area code:593 3
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:Mariscal Lamar
  • Distance from Guayaquil:288 km. aprox.
  • Distance from Quito:128 km. aprox.



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Information of Ambato City

Ambato is located 128 km south of Quito, surrounded by beautiful volcanoes and glaciers, has spring-like weather throughout the year.

The average temperature is 14.5 ° C. The business of the city and highlights at the fair on Monday in which squares, markets and streets are flooded with products from other regions of the province and the rest of the country.

The city is the center of marketing of agricultural products from the surrounding region and has some food industries, textiles and timber. Its industrial production is based on textiles, flowers, canned fruit, leather, rubber, wine and furniture.

The city offers incredible sights, with beautiful landscapes and traditional cultural sites. The tourist can find in this beautiful quiet provincial city and the movement of modernism, confused eclectic expression of content and form.

The city of Ambato has places of historic significance, carefully preserved monuments and sites, the most important are: Atocha y Ficoa.

Festival of Flowers and Fruit

It is one of the main attractions of the city of Ambato, is held every year in February, 40 days before Easter.'s Conclusion comes as a response to the situation in the city that was left after the 1949 earthquake. The Festival consists of the Blessing of Bread and fruit, religious act that it performs in the atrium of the cathedral.

The city is decked out and prepare their infrastructure for tourism and invited domestic and foreign visiting the city where you can enjoy events like: the choice of the Queen of Ambato, the choice of Queen Interparroquial, the parade of the fellowship, the Festival Folklore, food festivals, music festivals, concerts, and finally, the nocturnal round, organized by different neighborhoods and institutions in the city.

Ambato Ecuador


Map Ambato Ecuador

Map of Ambato Ecuador



Activities and Sites of interest in Ambato


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