Ecuador is one of the most rewarding destinations in South America. It is a country with an immense cultural wealth. Your territory conjugates four natural regions: the Sierra or Andes, Coast or littoral, Orient or Amazon and Insular Region known as the Galapagos Islands, which offer a wealth of soil, Climatete, mountains, moorland, beaches, islands and forests, which the turn are home to thousands of species of flora and fauna.

Ecuador is not only rich in nature is also rich in its people, since their territory has 13 nationalities and 16 indigenous peoples' customs, traditions, languages and multiple. The peoples of the Amazon Quichua, Huaorani, Achuar, Shuar, Cofan, Siona-Sequoia, Shiwiar and Zaparo. In the Andes are the Quichua de la Sierra with colorful people as the Saraguros Canaris and Otavalo. The coast is home to change Awa, Chachi, Cayapas Tsáchilas and Huacavilcas. And in the cities live mainly mestizos, whites and Afro-Ecuadorians.

Mapa Ecuador, Región Sierra

Primero Ecuador


Sierra Region

The Sierra region, also called Andean region, is rich in cultural diversity, impressive mountains, volcanoes and mountains that provide a variety of landscapes, modern cities where artistic and cultural trends emerging and historically significant cities that have kept their treasures intact architectural and today are visited and admired by tourists and foreigners, who are the best souvenirs of your visit. The provinces that are in this region are: Azuay, Bolivar, Canar, Carchi, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Imbabura, Loja, Pichincha and Tungurahua. Below will find a striped the cities we find in this region.

Map Ecuador, Sierra Region
Sierra - Coast - Amazon - Galapagos Islands - Beaches and Spas in Ecuador - Peru

Coast Region

The coast region or littoral has the tallest mangroves in the world, beautiful cities, a warm people and beaches for all tastes, from the most crowded where you find people from all nationalities and where you can make sports such as surfing because of its excellent waves, even the hidden and protected, where you can marvel at its extraordinary beauty and enjoy a moment of healthy recreation and relaxation with family and friends.

The region is characterized for a climate warm and it wither southwards, and tropical humid north. The provinces of the Ecuadorian coast are: Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas, Los Ríos, El Oro, Santa Elena and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The main cities in the region are:

Map Ecuador, Coast Region
Sierra - Coast - Amazon - Galapagos Islands - Beaches and Spas in Ecuador - Peru

Amazon Region

The Amazon region offers an incredible spectacle when it comes down from the Andes and opens a huge green carpet of lush vegetation, typical of tropical rainforests, which extends infinitely in the eyes. In the thick vegetation of a real natural laboratory where you can find the most varied kinds of medicinal plants and exotic animals that live among labyrinths of dense forests, with giant trees, which can reach tens of meters. Within ethnic groups that inhabit the forest maintain their own customs and languages and live outside the rest of the population, (Quichua, Shuar, Siona-Sequoia and Huaorani). The provinces of the region are: Sucumbíos, Napo, Pastaza, Orellana, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe.

Map Ecuador, Amazon Region
Sierra - Coast - Amazon - Galapagos Islands - Beaches and Spas in Ecuador - Peru

Insular Region - Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands Region, is one of the Global Biodiversity Sanctuaries, which is why UNESCO in 1979, declared Natural Patrimony of Humanity and in 2001 extended the declaration for the marine reserve in 1985, was named as a Biosphere Reserve. Galapagos is the perfect place to understand the evolutionary changes that have ushered in a new perspective on life on the planet. Most of the flora and fauna in the islands are endemic, which makes it a paradise condiserada we can still enjoy our planet. The insular region is nearly a thousand miles west of mainland Ecuador and is comprised of 13 large islands, 17 small and 47 islets.

Map of Ecuador, Galapagos Islands
Sierra - Coast - Amazon - Galapagos Islands - Beaches and Spas in Ecuador - Peru

Inhabited islands

The Galapagos Islands located 950 miles from Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, is one of the major tourist attractions and the country's scientific. The archipelago has four inhabited islands, where you can find a wide choice of hotels of all categories. It also has an extensive agricultural production, fisheries and livestock.


Uninhabited Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a World Heritage Site since 1978, recognized worldwide for its endemic species, by studies of Darwin, his theory of evolution. They have a mild climate, tropical, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 34 degrees year round. Galapagos is one of the most complex ocean systems and unique.


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Peru is best known as the land of the Incas. It is one of the tourist attractions and major world cultural. With more than 2500 kilometers of coastline which receive the waters of the Pacific, in addition to the many valleys and snowy mountains and the rainforests of the Amazon added to the various alternatives offered to the tourist tourist.

Peru has an endless number of natural and scenic beauty, cultural and historical. It has three major regions, a narrow coastal belt, the mountains of the Andes of greater width, and the Amazon rainforest. In these three different regions are different exotic plants and animals.

Peru is characterized by having one of the most diverse ecological systems.

Map Peru


Sierra - Coast - Amazon - Galapagos Islands - Beaches and Spas in Ecuador - Peru
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