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Our Vision and Mission.

Fifteen years of hard work have allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in the information systems of Ecuador.EcosTravel is a group of tourism portals similar to international bidding as the American "TripAdvisor" or Argentina "Peel", which seeks to promote international Ecuador as the new tourist destination in South America, using the Internet as the main tool for this promotion.

We are a youth group, we intend next to the main existing tourism service providers, to become the leading marketing and sales of tourist services in Ecuador. We have established with leading travel agents, hotel services, and tourist destinations, an alliance, in order to compete in a fair fight with the other Andean countries. We intend to demonstrate the ability of Ecuador to receive and please millions of tourists each year, which can provide security, services, activities and beauty not found in any other country in the Andean Area.

We seek to be an instrument of defense of Ecuadorian tourism compared to other nations portals looking like us, to position and promote their respective countries. In addition we want to promote domestic tourism, we believe that the Ecuadorians must first know every corner of our country, before visiting neighboring countries.

We hope to continue adding support for the government and traditional tourism companies in Ecuador to continue collecting wins, demonstrating the virtues of our people, the beauty of the natural environment, and infrastructure facilities of our hotel.

Our experience in the area of systems are not deaf to the knowledge of traditional tourism companies in Ecuador, which have the door open to seeking ways of collaboration in a shared goal of benefits to promote our country.

Our main interest is to join the cause to turn Ecuador into the main venue for events in Latin America. Cities like Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Manta, among others, have invested heavily in the area of tourism services, and have hosted and fairs that have brought thousands of people from various countries. Our privileged position for the world, our climate, our people and our security, we confirmed as the convention center and most important conferences in America.

In the marketing area, we offer our partners the opportunity to promote their services using our various portals, which occupied several top positions in search engines. Thus does our service effectively reach the people who are looking to hire the services offered and only are investigating several options to choose one or other offer.

In the area of sales, our unit receives and processes hundreds of daily e-mails and calls from Ecuador and abroad, which are dealt with promptly. The majority of responses to requests for accommodation and tours are within minutes of receiving them. In this way we optimize applications by offering better service and generate savings to our partners, because they do not require hiring and training additional staff. Our team is ready to meet the needs of people who call us, to promote local tourist destinations.

The eco-tourism benefits equitably distributed, generates jobs, investment and remain sustainable in the long term, respect for nature. Thus we strongly believe that our efforts are aimed not only to advance the interests of private enterprise, but also those in our community.


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